At Vicki's, we understand that the success of any landscaping project starts with a good foundation.  Let us help you get started the right way with our wide selection of organic and non organic soils, composts, and fertilizers.  These are available for purchase in sizes suited for all projects.



Fertilizing is a necessary component of any successful growing endeavor.  Plants require nutrition to help them reach their full potential.  From houseplants to vegetable gardens, Vicki's Garden Center carries generic and specialty products for your garden.  


Bag Soil

Vicki's carries a wide selection of soil amendments including coco blends, organics and vegetable mixes.  Ask one of our garden center experts what type of soil will work best with what you plan to grow.


Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting Soil is recommended for use in all indoor and outdoor potting and container needs. It is great for garden projects and it can be used as a soil amendment for in ground planting..  


Total Advantage Rose and Flower Planting Mix promotes blooms in all flowering plants. It is great for many projects in the garden. It can be used as an amendment for planting trees, shrubs, bare root planting, flowers & vegetables. 


Eliminate Foul Odors Instantly With Pureayre. The All Natura

If you're looking for an odor eliminator spray that really works, without exposing you or your family to risky chemicals, choose the healthy alternative. Pureayre is the strongest, most effective odor eliminator you can buy, and it's completely safe.